Newborn Pictures – Nicholas | Clapham – Balham – Battersea

What a gorgeous family! So much love going on and a proud big brother. Sometime taking newborn pictures with older siblings could be tricky. It all depends on the sibling’s age but in my experience the most difficult ones are the brothers or sisters between 18 and 36 months. It’s an age where the kids are discovering themselves, they are trying out what they can and cannot do and a little baby has just arrived in the family taking away some of the attention they were used to have. So, especially in the first few weeks, you might experience that your toddler is not exactly behaving himself. It will go on for a while until your big boy or girl will see that mum and dad are not going anywhere but they are there for him/her. The important thing is to make sure to include your toddler with the care of the baby, dedicating time to him when your newborn is sleeping and reassuring him with your presence.

Daniel, the big boy in this pictures was just amazing! No tantrums, no tears and especially so much Love for his new little brother!


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