Info – Maternity Newborn Baby session Clapham


Sessions take place at my natural light studio based in Clapham, South West London.


It is advisable to book your session before your expected delivery date. This is because once you arrive back home with your baby you will likely feel overwhelmed, tired and extremely busy, meaning that booking a photographer won’t exactly be your top priority. Time will pass quickly and then it will be too late to have a newborn session, as the true newborn state only lasts for the very 2 first weeks of life.

The most appropriate time to photograph a newborn is around 5-14 days old. At this time babies are very sleepy and retain the natural curl they had in their mum’s tummy. They are indeed quite easy to pose and style. After two weeks of age, they might become colicky and will start to move much more, meaning that their pose ability will be greatly diminished and they are more likely to be disturbed while sleeping.

Once you have contacted me, I will allocate a couple of preliminary slots for the photo shoot after your expected delivery date and send you all the relevant information and details of the newborn session.

Please email me as soon as your baby arrives in order to confirm the exact date of the photo shoot.

I will make sure you can relax and enjoy the session in a friendly and cosy atmosphere, as I know how tired you might be during the first days of your new exciting experience as a parent.


I usually schedule the session to start at 10.00/10.30am as I found that babies are usually sleepier in the morning and the light in my studio is at its best. It would be ideal to try to keep your newborn up for a couple of hours before the session and feed him/her just before the session or as soon as you arrive at the studio. This will help your baby to fall asleep and a sleepy baby means we will be able to arrange more beautiful and angelic poses, as well as using more props and backgrounds.

I will strive to create a very relaxed and fun atmosphere for all of you. It is my aim to make you feel at ease and enjoy yourself during our time together. I would expect to take both posed shots and candids. We will always take breaks whenever they are needed, as I know there are a lot of other important priorities to take care of! Nursing/feeding, nappy changing and cuddle time are of course crucial and I will make sure that all basic needs are being taken care of before focusing on taking pictures again.

I would also suggest bringing a change of clothing, as it is sometimes difficult to avoid wet accidents with a naked baby. Please do not worry if it happens, this too is expected and I will have several blankets at hand to swap in and out. Make sure to bring your wet wipes and diapers. Newborn sessions typically last 3-4 hours, so please plan accordingly.

– For mom, a simple black or natural color tank (please see  link), , short-sleeved shirt or tube top is perfect. Simple is best, avoid patterns and big logos

– For dad, a black or natural color t-shirt. For those dads that are comfortable bearing their chest please do because these can make for some of the most precious images with father and baby.