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What I love most about my job is meeting new people, lovely couples that are going through a magical moment in time. During a maternity photo shoot I get to know the parents to be and we create a connection. It gives me the opportunity to chat with them before baby comes, and they get to know me and be more comfortable and relaxed during the newborn shoot. It is so enchanting to hear stories about how my clients met and what are their expectations for the new life that is growing in mummy’s belly. Thank you so much to all my clients for making these sessions an unforgettable experience! newborn-maternity-pregnancy-baby-photography-Clapham-Balham-Wimbledon-Chelsea-l1newborn-maternity-pregnancy-baby-photography-Clapham-Balham-Wimbledon-Chelsea-l2newborn-maternity-pregnancy-baby-photography-Clapham-Balham-Wimbledon-Chelsea-l3newborn-maternity-pregnancy-baby-photography-Clapham-Balham-Wimbledon-Chelsea-l4newborn-maternity-pregnancy-baby-photography-Clapham-Balham-Wimbledon-Chelsea-l5newborn-maternity-pregnancy-baby-photography-Clapham-Balham-Wimbledon-Chelsea-l6newborn-maternity-pregnancy-baby-photography-Clapham-Balham-Wimbledon-Chelsea-l7

Some people say that ” pregnant woman have a glow”. Well, I can assure you: Angela was really glowing from head to toe.

I first met Angela at the Northcote Road Christmas Fete and I remember her so happy about her pregnancy that she immediately wanted to book her maternity and newborn photo shoots together.

She came to my studio in Clapham with her husband James. Her bump was absolutely perfect and James’ eyes were full of love for her and the little one she was expecting. Most of my clients prefer not to find out if they are going to have a boy or a girl, as they cherish the surprise. Angela and James were one of them and we all tried to guess if it would be a girl or a boy. What do you think they had? In the next post I will share with you the answer to this question.

In the meanwhile, please enjoy some pictures from Angela’s Maternity Photo Shoot.

sweet maternity shoot pregnancy mom to be Emanuela Redaschi Photography

beautiful mom to be maternity photo shoot Emanuela Redaschi Photographymaternity photo shoot smiling mom to be with amazing bump Emanuela Redaschi photography
Maternity photo shoot falling in love again sweet mom to be Emanuela Redaschi Photography

A maternity photo shoot it’s a great occasion to create invaluable memories for a mum to be. The emotion of knowing that a little life is growing inside you, the wonderful feeling that soon you will meet your little one.

I love being able to connect with a mum to be before meeting the baby. It allows us to know each other before the Newborn Shoot and when baby comes it’s like seeing an old friend.

This is a very special maternity photo shoot for me. The little girl that is growing inside this gorgeous bump is my niece and I cannot wait to meet her! Little she knows about her two cousins living in London and her crazy old auntie and uncle 😉 (ok my husband might not agree on “old”)

I am enjoying going around and shop for this little girl…with two boys the choices are limited but when it comes to pick outfits for little girls the combinations are endless. Lovely skirts, tops, leggings, shoes… too lovely!

I wish my brother and his wife a wonderful time ahead as parents! You guys will be amazing…enjoy every minute with your little one, kids are the best gift that we ever receive…even when they seems to forget that at night they are suppose to sleep!

Lots of Love,



Few weeks ago, this super sweet mum to be came to the studio for her Maternity Photo Shoot. It was such a pleasure working with her and experience her enthusiasm for the new life growing inside her. I enjoyed photographing her lovely bump and I cannot wait to take pictures of her newborn baby.

Her little boy is due at any time now!!!



Meeting Elena was like going back home. She is from a city near where I was born and we have many things in common. She wanted some pictures to remember her first pregnancy and she cannot wait to meet her daughter and have her pictures taken. For once it was nice to use my native language during a maternity photo shoot…I cannot wait to meet her little one in few weeks time.