The most difficult challenge for a photographer is to photograph their own newborns.

In May we were blessed with the arrival of our daughter, Nina Sofia Anna.

I must confirm that she was the most difficult client I have ever photographed!

She is a gift, bring us happiness and joy and we are all so in love with her! The boys adore her and it’s so sweet to see the three siblings together.

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What I love most about my job is meeting new people, lovely couples that are going through a magical moment in time. During a maternity photo shoot I get to know the parents to be and we create a connection. It gives me the opportunity to chat with them before baby comes, and they get to know me and be more comfortable and relaxed during the newborn shoot. It is so enchanting to hear stories about how my clients met and what are their expectations for the new life that is growing in mummy’s belly. Thank you so much to all my clients for making these sessions an unforgettable experience! newborn-maternity-pregnancy-baby-photography-Clapham-Balham-Wimbledon-Chelsea-l1newborn-maternity-pregnancy-baby-photography-Clapham-Balham-Wimbledon-Chelsea-l2newborn-maternity-pregnancy-baby-photography-Clapham-Balham-Wimbledon-Chelsea-l3newborn-maternity-pregnancy-baby-photography-Clapham-Balham-Wimbledon-Chelsea-l4newborn-maternity-pregnancy-baby-photography-Clapham-Balham-Wimbledon-Chelsea-l5newborn-maternity-pregnancy-baby-photography-Clapham-Balham-Wimbledon-Chelsea-l6newborn-maternity-pregnancy-baby-photography-Clapham-Balham-Wimbledon-Chelsea-l7


What a gorgeous family! So much love going on and a proud big brother. Sometime taking newborn pictures with older siblings could be tricky. It all depends on the sibling’s age but in my experience the most difficult ones are the brothers or sisters between 18 and 36 months. It’s an age where the kids are discovering themselves, they are trying out what they can and cannot do and a little baby has just arrived in the family taking away some of the attention they were used to have. So, especially in the first few weeks, you might experience that your toddler is not exactly behaving himself. It will go on for a while until your big boy or girl will see that mum and dad are not going anywhere but they are there for him/her. The important thing is to make sure to include your toddler with the care of the baby, dedicating time to him when your newborn is sleeping and reassuring him with your presence.

Daniel, the big boy in this pictures was just amazing! No tantrums, no tears and especially so much Love for his new little brother!


I have some serious catch up to do on the blog! So many newborn sessions and maternity still to publish!

For now let me introduce you to Elisabetta! What a sweet little girl! Her mum and I connected immediately as her experience at birth was really similar to mine when I had my first boy. We lost lots of blood and had to have quite a few transfusions. But everything is forgotten when you look at your newborn baby peacefully asleep next to you.

They are our angels on earth!


At his newborn shoot Keyaan was definitely a PRO!!! He slept for the whole session and gave us so many lovely smiles. He was so asleep that I have decided to try the hanging pose in the scarf. I would usually leave that pose at the end of the session and would only do it with super sleepy babies and Keyaan just rocked it!

It’s lovely to see the different facial expressions that he pulled out in one photo shoot! I can imagine him to become a great actor. Mum and Dad were so sweet and relaxed while I was working with their little one! You see, we have a comfortable sofa at the studio for parents that need to relax and rest during the newborn shoot. Tea, coffee and refreshments are there too…as I believe that as a new parents there are not enough treats during the first days of life of their newborn and I like to think that a little special treatment may make their day!



Being a newborn photographer is not only about photographing newborn babies…it’s also about seeing them grow and getting to know their beautiful parents. Last year Chloe and her family came for their first newborn photo shoot and they were back when Chloe was about 8 month old and for her first birthday shoot! We organised a cake smash and it was extremely lovely seeing her dealing with this big cake! But most of all I believe she enjoyed the little bath she had afterwards! Chloe is a beautiful and happy little girl and I have to say that since her first photo shoot it transpired her sweet personality! I feel very honoured to have had the opportunity to photograph her and her family in different occasion. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me with your family’s memories!




newborn-maternity-pregnancy-baby-photography-Clapham-Balham-Wimbledon-Chelsea-c1happy girl 1year photo shoot Emanuela Redaschi Photographyturning one is wonderful 1year photo shoot Emanuela Redaschi Photographywonderful family 1year photo shoot Emanuela Redaschi Photographyballoons and cake for birthday 1year photo shoot Emanuela Redaschi Photographysmashing a beautiful cake 1year photo shoot Emanuela Redaschi Photographyhaving fun 1 year photo shoot Emanuela Redaschi Photographyhappy girl having a bath 1year photo shoot Emanuela Redaschi Photographysmash cake like a lady 1year photo shoot Emanuela Redaschi Photographyrunning in daddy