The most difficult challenge for a photographer is to photograph their own newborns.

In May we were blessed with the arrival of our daughter, Nina Sofia Anna.

I must confirm that she was the most difficult client I have ever photographed!

She is a gift, bring us happiness and joy and we are all so in love with her! The boys adore her and it’s so sweet to see the three siblings together.

Nina Newborn tbr-5Nina Newborn tbr-26Nina Newborn tbr-27Nina Newborn tbr-25Nina Newborn tbr-24Nina Newborn tbr-22Nina Newborn tbr-21-2Nina Newborn tbr-20Nina Newborn tbr-19Nina Newborn tbr-17Nina Newborn tbr-16
Nina Newborn tbr-15bNina Newborn tbr-14-2Nina Newborn tbr-13Nina Newborn tbr-12Nina Newborn tbr-11Nina Newborn tbr-10Nina Newborn tbr-9Nina Newborn tbr-8Nina Newborn tbr-6
Nina Newborn tbr-4Nina Newborn tbr-3Nina Newborn tbr-2Nina Newborn tbr-1



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